Corporate HQ & MFG

1020 Broadway Street
Marseilles, Illinois 61341
Phone: (815) 795-6818
Toll-Free: (800) 235-6651
Fax: (815) 795-6535

George Sandora

Andria Sandora
VP Finance and Administration

Tony Sandora
Director Business Development
Phone: (815) 600-4690

Bob Boswell
Project Engineer

Southeast Region

Sales – Rental – Service
2495 Jen Drive
Suite 1
Malbourne, FL 32940

James Priddy
Manager; Southeast Operations
cell: (321) 288-4716

Gulf Coast Region

Sales – Rental – Service
8777 Tallyho Road
Building 1
Houston, TX 77061

Stephon Robichaux
Director Technical Sales

Tony Sandora
Director Business Development
Phone: (713) 542-0509

Rental Center

Contact the MTI Rental Center at +1 (815) 795-6818

MTI welding and machining technicians are always available to make sure you rent the right gear, with the right accessories, power sources and tooling for the right amount of time.

MTI has an inventory of over 300 machines available for rent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Our rental facility is capable of moving any piece of gear, anywhere in the world – same day.


MTI tooling is produced by professional machinists and engineers who know the technique and alloy that will work best for you. Call a sales person to discuss your project – we’ll get you what you need, next day if it’s necessary.

Go direct to the factory +1 (815) 795-6818 

Tech Support

MTI Power knows more about machining and welding than virtually any other company in the world.  MTI machinists and welders are trained and have experience in the machine shop as well as in-situ.

815-795-6818     toll free: 1-800-235-6615

When you call MTI you’ll speak with someone who designs machines, specs processes, builds machines and uses them in the field.

MTI claims a 100% track record in the field:

  • The best equipment; the best support
  • Excellent machinists
  • Excellent welders
  • Tooling experts
Parts and Services

The other guys offer parts, repair and rebuilding services to restore their equipment to its original operational level. Their services range from simple repairs to complete rebuilds.
Their “rebuilds” may include replacing drive motors, replacement of broken components, bearings and seals.

What if you didn’t EVER need to service the equipment you bought?

TWO MTI SPLIT FRAME REPAIRS IN THIRTY YEARS. That’s right, two (2). What does that tell you about the competition?

Before you buy, compare the costs to own the other guy’s – you’ll go MTI.

815 795 6818 toll free: 1800 235 6615